Our History

          Vigilante Comix is an independent comic book company started by Rob MacKinnon out of Calgary, Canada. As a life-long comics fan, Rob finally decided to take the plunge and write his own comic in 2015. The main character of his first comic is Deborah Daring, a perky private eye inspired by his wife. While Rob is an amateur artist himself, he quickly discovered that if he wanted to produce a timely comic book series he was going to need an established comic book artist to help him out. So after scouring the internet for the appropriate artist, Rob discovered Jae Korim, a professional comic book artist from Toronto, Canada. With the help of Rob's script and some preliminary artwork, Jae was quickly able to bring the Deborah Daring story to life! 

          After a three successful Kickstarter campaigns, Rob and Jae were able to independantly publish the first three issues of
the Deborah Daring series, along with a comic book prequel to the movie Peelers. While the books looked pretty good, there was still something missing. After seeing some impressive colored art on a Facebook comic group page, Rob was able to hire German colorist Dennis Lehmann to recolor the series in time to produce a collected edition for the third Kickstarter campaign. Dennis has continued to color the Deborah Daring series and his vibrant palettes have definitely raised the quality of the books.  


          Rob had always dreamed about running a professional comic book publishing company with a diverse catalog of titles, but
until recently that had seemed unrealistic. However, after another succesful Kickstarter campaign for Deborah Daring issue 4, Rob
started thinking about expanding distribution of the Deborah Daring series and adding more books to the Vigilante Comix library. Once the six-issue Deborah Daring series is complete, Vigilante Comix will submit the series to Amazon/Comixolgy for wider print and digital distribution. Rob and the talented creative team at Vigilante Comix are also working on a new title, called 'Crude Awakening', which is a story about a zombie outbreak in Fort McMurray, Canada, caused by tainted oil. Furthermore, Rob is writing a pulp-magazine style story of a hard-boiled detective, called Russ Thompson. Lastly, Rob is also writing his first novel, called 'Dante's Odeyssey', which is a near-term science fiction story about a business analyst sent to an asteroid-mining facility orbiting Pluto. 


         So as you can see, Rob and the crew at Vigilante Comix have big plans for the future! We have sincerely appreciated the support from our fans so far and hope we can count on you to support us in our future endeavors.

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