New Volume of Hildebrand Valkyrie Launching on Kickstarter October 14th!

Robbie MacK and his creative crew are back on Kickstarter raising funds to publish the third volume of the Hildebrand Valkyrie saga, Heroic Destiny. This epic edition to the ongoing Medieval Odyssey will be a 40 page color comic written by Robbie MacK, illustrated by Jae Korim, and colored by Jão Canola. This issue of Hildebrand will be available on Kickstarter Oct 14-30, and you can check out the campaign page HERE.

For those of you who are new to the series, Hildebrand is a courageous female knight, who was born from the unlikely union of a Viking mother and a missionary father. After saving her English town from a Viking invasion and embarking on a pilgrimage to Rome, Hilda and her father were found guilty of heresy and thrown into the dungeon below the Vatican. Soon after her father's tragic death in the dungeon cell, Hilda is rescued by a fellow prisoner who leads her through the catacombs to a secret temple.

In Volume 3, Hildebrand is welcomed in the underground temple by Madelaine, the high-priestess of a secret religious sect that resides in the catacombs under the Vatican.  To Hilda's surprise, Madelaine explains that not only had her arrival been prophesied long ago, but she is destined to become their warrior messiah and lead them to freedom in Roman society. However, Hildebrand must first prove her worthiness by donning the sacred armor and embarking on a dangerous expedition to fulfill the four feats of the Mithraic prophecy. 

Hildebrand Vol 3 Cover - News Page.png
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