Deborah Daring is Live on Kickstarter Sep 11 to Oct 11!

Vigilante Comix has a new comic campaign on Kickstarter called: Deborah Daring Operative - Defying the Dragon. It's the explosive 7th installment in the Deborah Daring saga, featuring a 48 page full-color graphic novella.

After nearly dying in a duel with a Russian assassin, Deb is saved by a friend and invited to join a secret society that could change her life forever. Membership will require her to leave everything she's known behind in order to be trained as an elite operative and take on a deadly challenge. The stakes have never been higher and soon she will have to Defy the Dragon! 


By pledging to this campaign you'll get access to digital and printed copies of Deborah Daring's latest issue, plus all her back issues, which includes 120 pages of story! You'll also get access to a wide variety of other awesome rewards, such as pinups, trading cards, t-shirts and more! We have some great stretch goals planned too! An Early Bird Special is available during the opening weekend of the campaign, offering FREE SHIPPING within North America, so make sure not to miss out and back the campaign right away!

Click the cover image to the right to check out the campaign page!

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