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The Creative Team

Rob (Robbie MacK) MacKinnon, Founder & Writer

Writing credits: Hildebrand Valkyrie, Dancing with the Dragon, Deborah Daring and Crude Awakening.

Rob is the founder and lead writer at Vigilante Comix. Over the past seven years Rob has written and successfully published ten comics via Kickstarter, including the seven-issue Deborah Daring series and the first issue of Crude Awakening. Rob also had two of his series professionally published in 2021, including Hildebrand Valkyrie, by Caliber Comics, and Dancing with the Dragon, by Scout Comics. Rob is currently working on a children's series with Scoot! called, Carmen Courageous, due out late in 2022.

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Jae Korim, Illustrator

Illustration credits: Deborah Daring issues 1-6 and the upcoming volume 3 of Hildebrand Valkyrie.


Jae lives in Toronto, Canada, and graduated from the Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College. Since then he’s worked on comic books, video games, short films and many commercials. He was the lead artist on the Neozoic comic book series from Red 5 Comics and the creator/designer of Go Commando!, a video game from Dragonfish Games. He has also worked on projects with MuchMusic, Image Comics, Nike, Adidas, JetBlue, GRIP Limited, SpyFilms and 1188 Films.

Dennis Lehmann, Colorist

Coloring credits: Deborah Daring issues 1-6.


Dennis lives in Göttingen, Germany, and has been coloring comics since 2012. He has worked independently and for the publisher, Plem Plem Productions. He has worked on many critically acclaimed series such as The Changer, Mr. Kill, Upstarts, Jasper's Starlight Tavern and Vessels

Dario Carrasco, Illustrator

Illustration credits: Crude Awakening issue 1.


Dario lives in Calgary, Canada, and has worked in the comic book industry for over 25 years. He has worked with Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics in the 90's with credits on Captain America, Nova, Night Thrasher and also several volumes of Star Wars. He also operates a virtual studio and portfolio site called Panday Studio that deals with his own creations and collaborations with other talents in the comics industry.

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Luca Casalanguida, Illustrator

Illustration credits: Hildebrand Valkyrie volumes 1 & 2, and Dancing with the Dragon issues 1-4.


Luca is a veteran comic illustrator from the coast of Italy, who is an Architectural graduate that loves to draw. He’s worked on many comic projects over the years, including Dylan Dog, Nathan Never, Orfani, ADR1FT (Topcow), Rebels (Dark Horse) and James Bond (Dynamite).

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Sean Callahan, Colorist

Coloring credits: Deborah Daring issue 7.


Sean lives in Denver Colorado and has been coloring professionally for 4 years. Initially self-taught, Sean eventually took courses with Comics Experience where he learned under the tutelage of Chris Sotomayer. Since then, Sean has worked on many successful Kickstarter campaigns and other independently published books, as well as Action Lab's Stray series and several comics in the Zombie Tramp universe. 

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Natalia Nesterenko, Colorist

Coloring credits: Hildebrand Valkyrie volumes 1 & 2, and Dancing with the Dragon issues 1-4.


Natalia is a professional comic book colorist based in Moscow, who began her career at BUBBLE Comics in 2016. Natalia has worked on numerous titles at Bubble Comics, including Igor Grom, Meteora, Krutiksy and Legends of Bubble: Black Dog.  Natalia also took part in the illustration project Mythbook, a trilogy of art books on myths and legends.

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