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Rob MacKinnon, Founder & Writer

Rob is an industrial project planner who works all over Western and Central Canada, often in desolate places that give him plenty of time to think. As a life long comics fan, Rob finally decided to take the plunge and write his own comic in 2015. The main character of his first comic is Deborah Daring, a perky private eye inspired by his wife. While Rob is still relatively new to writing comics, he has thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far and credits a lot of the success of his past four comic campaigns to the amazing artistic talents of his creative team mates.


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Jae Korim, Illustrator


Jae lives in Toronto, Canada, and graduated from the Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College. Since then he’s worked on comic books, video games, short films and many commercials. He was the lead artist on the Neozoic comic book series from Red 5 Comics and the creator/designer of Go Commando!, a video game from Dragonfish Games. He has also worked on projects with MuchMusic, Image Comics, Nike, Adidas, JetBlue, GRIP Limited, SpyFilms and 1188 Films. After accepting Rob’s offer to be the illustrator on Deborah Daring, Jae has brought her character to life in amazing ways!

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Dennis Lehmann, Colorist


Dennis lives in Göttingen, Germany, and has been coloring comics since 2012. He has worked independently and for the publisher, Plem Plem Productions. He has worked on many critically acclaimed series such as The Changer, Mr. Kill, Upstarts, Jasper's Starlight Tavern and Vessels. After accepting Rob’s offer to join the Deborah Daring team, Dennis breathed new life into the series when he recolored issues 1 - 3 and has outdone himself with the spectacular coloring of issue 4. 

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