Written by Robbie MacK, illustrated by Jae Korim & colored by Dennis Lehmann

Deborah Daring is a 6-issue limited series about Deborah Darington, a perky paralegal with a military background and a taste for trouble. Deb started moonlighting as a private investigator, because she was getting bored to death with her work at the office. Her investigations hadn’t been very exciting until recently, when she took on a strange case from a mystery client. Now she's got all the intrigue and excitement she can handle! Fortunately, she's got the assistance of police officer, Jacques Brousseau, who was her army buddy in Afghanistan. Soon the two of them find themselves embroiled in a case involving the Russian Mafia and corruption too close to home. If that wasn't enough to worry about, Deb keeps having nightmares about her service time in Afghanistan and they're starting to take a toll on her relationship with her boyfriend, Ray. Can Deb solve the case for her client, not get killed by a Russian assassin and keep her relationship together? Join Deb as she battles the bad guys, unravels her first big mystery and gradually becomes a true DETECTIVE!

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Written by Lisa Devita, edited by Seve Schelenz, illustrated & colored by Jae Korim 

Contributing Editor & Graphic Design: Robbie MacK 


Peelers - Dark Days ahead is a comic Vigilante Comix was commissioned to make for the horror movie ‘Peelers’ by its Director & Producer, Seve Schelenz, at Pounds (LBS) Pictures. In this prequel comic, you will see how a couple of hapless coal miners get exposed to  an oily substance with horrific side effects! You’ll also get to meet a group of friends who work at a fun-loving strip joint near the mine. What’s the link between the two? You’ll have to read the comic and watch the movie to find out! 

If you are involved with the production of a movie and think a comic book adaptation would be a good way to promote the movie, go to our contact page and let us know what you are looking for. We'll be sure to respond, and if we can agree on terms, Vigilante Comix could create a promotional comic for your movie!

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Written by Robbie MacK, illustrated by Dario Carrasco & colored by Natalia Nesterenko


Crude Awakening is the story about the horror unleashed in an Alberta oil town after an ancient spirit from the Cree Nation is awakened by the wild fires in Fort McMurray. The re-animated corpse of a First Nations prostitute crawls out of a tainted bitumen tailings pond and attacks some of the town’s homeless population. Once infected by the black oily sludge oozing from her body, the victims turn into crazed zombies that seek to spread the infection. Bryn Walker, is the unlucky police officer that first discovers one of the infected. She is called to investigate a burned out house, inhabited by a homeless teenage boy and his infected girlfriend. After a brief and violent altercation with the zombified teenage girl, Bryn returns to her department headquarters to find out it has been over-run by zombies. Her partner, John Redcrow, survives the initial zombie attack, and his hunch that an ancient Cree legend has something to do with the zombie outbreak is key for the two of them to eventually put an end to the zombie onslaught.

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Written by Robbie Mack, illustrated by Luca Casalanguida, colored by Natalia Nesterenko and lettered by Joel Rodriguez.


Hildebrand Valkyrie is the heroic story about an intrepid young female knight's exploits through Medieval Europe. Hildebrand started life as an orphan raised by the Catholic church, but her path to a greater destiny began when she was hired as a scullery maid by Cuthred, a recently widowed Mercian Lord. Enchanted by her beauty and boisterous spirit, Cuthred not only took Hildebrand as his lover, but also trained her to be his page in battle. After being struck down in a Viking invasion, Lord Cuthred implored Hildebrand to take up his sword and assume his household. Despite the resentment of the local magistrate, Hilda thrives in her new role. However, the path of her comfortable new life is irrevocably altered when she encounters a bedraggled missionary collapsed on her land. After bringing him to her home, the missionary reveals shocking information that will forever change the path of Hildebrand's life. What follows next is an epic adventure full of intrigue, battle, blood and divine destiny!

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